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  SL-Bearings is fouded in 1900. Over more than 20 years, SL-Bearing always aims to create value for users. Carrying on the spirit of "Strictness, Pragmatism, and keeping improvement", along with the more and more investment on the research and production, SL-Bearing is striving to build an enterprise cultural system and create a harmonious relationship between "People and people. SL-Bearing and society, SL-Bearing and nature".


  "Quality First, Customer Supreme" is the foudation of SL-Bearing. "Create value, Return value" is the mission of SL-Bearing. We maximize our value through innocation and high-quality product, which allow us to take on social and environmental responsibility.


  To achieve our long-term mission, we try our best to innovate and improve our product. Simultaneously, we expect each employee can carry our mission and grow with us together and achieve requirements of our customers.

About Us